What is the purpose of the program?

     Star Time Riders is a non-profit program dedicated to provide therapeutic riding to special needs children.  The technical name for the type of therapy provided is HIPPOTHERAPY.


What is Hippotherapy?

     The American Hippotherapy Association (AHA), a section of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA), defines hippotherapy as "a term that refers to the movement of the horse as a tool used by physical, occupational and speech therapists to address impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities in patients." Hippo is the Greek word for horse.     MORE...


Who teaches the children?

     The Star Time Riders teams are comprised of a  certified and degreed therapist, a qualified horse manager, and many volunteers who perform the tasks of horse walking and side-walking.  During treatment, each child requires involvement by at least 4 individuals, and, of course, the horse.


Where does the therapy take place?

Star Time Meadows, an indoor  and outdoor equestrian center located in Pleasant Hill, MO, provides the facility at which to conduct year-round Hippotherapy, as well as specially-trained  horses.  Star Time Riders is constantly seeking help from volunteers, and the organization maintains a large variety of play-based therapeutic equipment, as well as specialized horse equipment, safety belts, helmets, etc.


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